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Why Countax rains supreme

It's true to say that a British striped lawn enjoys a worldwide reputation as being a sign of quality, style and sophistication. Make no mistake, our gardens are the envy of the world.

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Bringing design to life

We'll show you an example of how the design work starts on screen, is then built and tested before it’s approved for manufacture.

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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect - How scarifying your lawn can lift the look of your whole garden

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Contact-Free Delivery Service

Selected Countax dealers are now offering a ‘contact-free’ delivery service for their local customers

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Winter’s garden tractor

A Countax garden tractor is not only a mower, it’s an all-year-round machine that makes winter’s chores a lot easier

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Autumnal season care with Countax

When you buy a Countax, you are investing in a machine that will work for you all-year-round, utilising a large range of accessories and attachments. A Countax garden tractor is the ultimate workhorse.

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Weather it with Countax

A sizeable garden with a large area of lawn calls for a ride-on mower or garden tractor to enable you to make short work of cutting the grass. But it’s not as simple as that...

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Countax PGC+ survey

Can you spare 5 mins of your time to complete our short survey?

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