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Latest Posts in: Mow it All Tips and Tricks

Top tips to achieve the perfect striped lawn

If you like the striped lawn finish as much as we do, here are a few little tips worth knowing:

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Getting the most from your mower – Spring tips

In order to get the most from your mower, we recommend these essential maintenance tips to get it up and running before the first cut of the season.

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Every winter the grass from my lawn disappears and turns completely to mud

I was wondering if you could help me? Every winter the grass from my lawn disappears and turns completely to mud.

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Lawn care – top dressing

How best to treat large number of grass paths between borders, about three feet wide.

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Recommended feed and weed for large lawns

What would you recommend as a feed and weed product for such a large lawn area or will I need to use separate products?

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Why should I change my engine’s air filter regularly?

A clean air filter ensures maximum oxygen is available for combustion, providing optimum performance to power your machine.

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Scarifying – the secret to a perfect lawn

What is scarification and why does it give a healthier, lusher lawn?

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A problem lawn may be down to compaction

If you are experiencing patches on your lawn or perhaps an accumulation of moss, weeds or thatch – aeration might be the answer…

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Can I cut wet grass?

The wetter it gets, the longer the grass grows. So is it OK to mow wet grass? With the correct equipment… yes it can be

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