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Latest Posts in: Testimonials

Mr Osborne

A considerable number of years ago I purchased a second-hand Countax tractor mower, it has served me admirably over the years without fail, I have a lot of grass to mow where I live and it has always looked great after mowing.

Danny Clegg

"I cut grass in both wet and dry conditions and this is one of the key benefits to the Countax – you can cut in the wet!"

Paul Rowland

"We have had this Countax mower since 2009, never missed a beat. Great bit of kit."

Elton Mackey

"The Countax gives me a great lawn finish every time, especially when I use the powered grass collector, I find it gives an even cut too. I absolutely love mine!"

Dan Chapman

"This year I invested in a ride on mower for my business Lawn 2 edges.  After doing plenty of research I quickly came to realise that a Countax was for me. I bought my mower used from a dealer down south and I haven't regretted it at all. Its an A2050 2009 machine with some small upgrades including a newer cutting deck with mulch plug & bigger electric grass box. It handles a 3 acre paddock with ease and is an absolute pleasure to drive. I would highly recommend Countax mowers to everyone." 

Peter Kelly

"My Countax has done me well in my garden over the years, from cutting grass to trailering bits around the land . It has even took me to the shops (down the private driveway that leads to a big shop) even my 10 month baby Reggie loves to go on it."

Carl Bernard Shaw

"We love our Countax ride-on. A Very impressive machine, leaves the lawn looking very professional and can still handle waist high grasses and weeds. Greetings from New Zealand."