Weather it with Countax

A sizeable garden with a large area of lawn calls for a ride-on mower or garden tractor to enable you to make short work of cutting the grass. But it’s not as simple as that, says AriensCo, the manufacturers of Countax, the British built garden tractor that has been with us for over thirty years. You need a machine that’s built to manage all the British climate throws at you and works for you all year round. Countax tractor mowers are built for British gardens and have evolved around the experience and feedback of customers, together with the Countax dealers who work closely with the company. So, it comes as no surprise how versatile the latest models can be, starting with the ability to cut and collect grass at virtually any time and laying a high quality striped lawn finish.

While most ride-on lawnmowers rely on the air from their spinning blades to blow the grass through a chute and into a hopper, the Countax cut and collect system works in a different way utilising a clever brush system to physically sweep even wet cuttings into a collector.  There’s no clogging and the action of the sweeper also removes dead grass and debris, helping to reduce thatch for a healthier lawn. In the autumn the system can be used effectively to sweep up leaves as well. The grass collector is powered by the tractor’s engine and driven by the Power Take Off (PTO) that is also used to drive a range of accessories and powered attachments, including a broadcast spreader for spreading rock salt on ice in the winter.

The latest addition to the Countax range of accessories is the PGC+. Driven by the PTO it’s a cassette system which allows you to quickly switch accessories and transform a Countax C or B Series garden tractor into an all-year-round workhorse. The grass sweeper cassette comes as standard with the PGC+ and there’s an optional scarifier cassette to make removing thatch and moss easier come early spring or autumn. Even better is the fact it scarifies and collects the debris simultaneously.

Now, a garden tractor that’s going to be working all year, and not just in fine summer months, needs to be tough and substantially built. In tests, each painted component in a Countax is exposed to 500 hours of continuous salt spray without showing any corrosion. The cutter decks are made from high-grade steel, while the front axle is cast iron. Equally important, all the electrical components in a Countax are fully waterproof. Weigh it all up and you have the investment in a durable machine that will go on working for you throughout the seasons – year in, year out, whatever the British weather throws at you. Find out more by contacting Countax on 01844 278800 or visit  your local dealer.

Countax tractor striping       Countax PGC+ in action