Benefits of owning a Countax garden tractor

Built in Britain for the British garden, a Countax is a fully featured garden tractor with versatility and finesse not found on typical riding lawn mowers. Where most riding mowers simply cut the grass, a Countax is an indispensable tool which stripes, tows, scarifies, sweeps and collects fully – even when the grass is wet. There are substantial benefits from owning a Countax garden tractor – these include:

Countax's Cut & Collect System

The Countax cut and collection system makes mowing the lawn a pleasure. In our opinion, no other lawn cutting method provides a finer finish. The unique Countax sweeping system fully collects grass clippings in almost all conditions.

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Lawn Striping

Few could argue that, as far as riding mowers go, a Countax is the best striping mower available on the market. Our unique collection system, paired with an integrated roller means that striping grass could not be easier.

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High Grass Mulching

Cutting long grass is made easier with the Countax High Grass Mulching (HGM) deck. Available as either a 92cm (36”) or 107cm (42”) sized deck, the HGM has six hardened steel blades mowing long grass, nettles and bramble and reducing it to mulch.

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Superior Build Quality

A Countax is a heavy duty garden tractor built to a specification that sets it apart from even the best riding mower. An all-steel construction, double-skinned bonnet, heavy-duty cast front axle (on C Series models) and a reinforced cutter deck are features usually reserved for commercial equipment.

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