Contact-Free Delivery Service

Selected Countax dealers are now offering a ‘contact-free’ delivery service for their local customers. This means that they are taking a series of additional steps to provide customers with continued sales and service support whilst, in some cases, having their main shop closed to the public.

These steps include:

*A promise to only use the telephone and email for customer contact

*A promise to deliver to a location of the customer’s choosing. This could be a doorstep or an unlocked shed or garage

*A promise to not require a physical signature for delivery

*A promise to observe a minimum 2m distance from customers at all times

*A promise that goods and packaging will be sanitised before delivery

Those Countax dealers who are able to operate this service have registered with us. You can see if your local dealer is one of them by using the Countax Dealer Finder tool, entering your postcode and seeing whether they list ‘Contact-Free Delivery’ as a service they offer, to the right of their contact details. If you identify a local dealer offering this service, you can call them or visit their website to place your enquiry or order.

Countax contact-free delivery