Countax garden tractors have a worldwide reputation for their ability to cut grass superbly. However, they are designed to do so much more than just cut, stripe or mulch – the standard features that you might expect from a ride-on lawnmower.

Countax tractors are the ideal choice for performing many year-round garden chores as they are able to house a large range of garden tractor accessories and attachments. These include powered attachments driven by the tractor’s power take-off.

Garden tractor accessories are also available to help protect and extend the capability of your tractor.

PGC+ (C & B Series)

Make light work of maintaining your garden and grounds all-year round, with the PGC+. With a range of interchangeable cassettes available, it is more than just a powered grass collector.

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Grass Sweeper Cassette

Achieve a neat and tidy lawn, free of grass clippings and garden debris with the Grass Sweeper cassette – part of the new PGC+ cassette system.

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Scarifier Cassette

For a healthier lawn, scarify twice a year with the Scarifier cassette – part of the new PGC+ cassette system.

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Powered Grass Collector

The A Series tractor’s PGC uses brushes driven by the tractor’s engine to sweep the turf and collect grass cuttings, while the roller creates classic stripes. It can also clear away fallen autumn leaves.

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Mounted to the front of a Countax tractor the snowblade quickly clears snow from a tarmac or concrete driveway.

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Chevron tyres

Get extra grip on slippery ground. Chevron tyres are available for C, B and A Series tractors. They are supplied on wheels ready to be fitted.

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Extend the use of your Countax garden tractor with this automotive-type trailer ball hitch for easy towing.

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Tractor cover

Protect your Countax garden tractor when it’s not in use with a specially designed tractor cover.

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