Autumnal season care with Countax

Countax has been one of the UK’s favourite garden tractors for over three decades with good reason. They are built in Britain for the vagaries of the British weather and more than this, they are not made just to mow lawns. While they enjoy a worldwide reputation for their ability to superbly cut the grass they are designed to do so much more than simply cut, stripe and mulch. When you buy a Countax, the company will tell you, you are investing in a machine that will work for you all-year-round, utilising a large range of accessories and attachments.

The Powered Grass Collector (PGC) has been specifically designed for the British garden. Connected to the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) the brushes sweep grass cuttings into the hopper, even when the grass is wet. Come autumn you can also use it for sweeping up the leaves. Take a look at today’s Countax C and B Series and you’ll find the PTO coupled to the latest PGC+ cassette system turns the tractor into the ultimate workhorse.

In autumn, the lawn will benefit from a good scarifying before settling it down for its winter rest. Slot the scarifier cassette into the PGC+ and away you go. Twenty-four tines rip through thatch and moss at high speed, clearing the debris from the lawn directly into the hopper. The lawn benefits from being free of constricting thatch and moss, allowing good drainage and water penetration to the roots, with healthy new growth in the spring. Another benefit of the PGC+ is there is no need to buy a separate walk-behind scarifier and collection system because it does them both simultaneously, saving you time and money.

The same applies to those other tasks in the autumn clean-up. Swap the scarifier cassette for the sweeper cassette and you’ve transformed your Countax C or B Series into a heavy-duty power broom you can use throughout the year. Remove large piles of leaves, dirt and dust, all swept into the PGC+ net so there’s no separate collection needed. Using the PTO on a Countax you can also drive other accessories such as a powered broadcast spreader which is ideal for spreading salt and grit on paths and drives to keep them ice-free.

Choose a B Series Countax and you have the benefit of the unique 4TRAC four-wheel-drive system giving you the benefit of a ‘go anywhere, mow anywhere’ garden tractor capable of tackling slopes, mud and rough ground. It also makes the perfect partner for a snowblade to clear your way in the depths of winter. All round, there’s never been a better time to look to a Countax for the ultimate tractor mower and year-round workhorse rolled into one. Find out more by contacting Countax on 01844 278800 or visit to find your local dealer.

Countax C Series with PGC+ collecting leaves in the autumn    Thatch and moss in hands after scarifying with Countax scarifier cassette    Countax Owner's Gallery