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Countax unveils new C100 Garden Tractor

Countax is delighted to announce its new C100 garden tractor, its biggest and most powerful C Series garden tractor.

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Spring into the first cut with Countax

The first cuts of the lawn in spring may call for a new mower or ride-on garden tractor. But the garden tractor can be much more than just a mower. A Countax with PGC+ is a year-round workhorse.

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Zen and the art of winter gardening

Once the colour starts fading from the borders in Autumn and the lawn has received its last cut of the year, it can feel as if the garden is in hibernation. A little bit of the joy is temporarily put on hold and it seems that all that’s left is back-breaking chores and our complaining knee joints.  Enjoy your garden everyday.

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E10 — What’s in a number?

There have been many newspaper headlines recently regarding E10 fuel, but many stories have been confusing at best and sometimes contradicting in their advice. In this article, we try to unstitch the fact from the myth and clearly explain what E10 is and whether or not it can affect the operation of your Countax.

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Feature in the latest Countax brochure

Would you like to feature in the next Countax brochure?

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Why the British are obsessed with lawn stripes

A green, closely cropped lawn became the ultimate status of wealth - well beyond the reach of your average millionaire. By today's standard, landscaped gardens and a fine lawn were the equivalent of a super yacht or private island.

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Summer is mowing with a Countax

There is nothing like having a well-cared-for lawn to enjoy in the height of summer.

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Craftsmanship and the art of knowing when to automate

Quite often, the chassis is a major differentiator between a 'built-to-last' machine and one of the cheaper, throwaway import ride-ons that started to enter the market over the last 10 years. On a Countax, this strength is even more important.

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Why buy from a dealer?

Adam Robinson, general manager of Jim Robinson Garden Machinery in Devon, who remained open throughout the COVID pandemic, gives his insight into why you should buy a ride-on mower from a dealer rather than online

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