Summer is mowing with a Countax

There is nothing like having a well-cared-for lawn to enjoy in the height of summer. Whether you’re just sitting out and relaxing in the sunshine or playing games with the kids, a neat lawn makes all the difference. Even better if you have that very British finish with perfect stripes. The trouble is the lawn takes a lot of punishment through the year and needs a regime of care to maintain its good looks. Part of that comes from nourishing the grass with fertiliser at the right times, de-thatching and removing moss and aerating. The other part is mowing. Cutting the grass regularly and to the right height makes a real difference to its growth. That brings you to the type of mower you use, especially if you have extensive areas of lawn and even a paddock. Then you will probably look at a ride-on mower or garden tractor. If it does more than simply mow, performing a host of other tasks including scarifying and collecting leaves, that is a bonus.

One such garden tractor is the Countax, built in Britain for British gardens for over thirty years and developed around the experience and feedback of customers and dealers. What you get with a Countax is a machine that is built to manage all the British climate throws at you and work for you all year round. It may surprise you how versatile the latest model is with the ability to cut and collect grass at virtually any time, even in the wet, and lay down a striped lawn. Cutting to the right height is very precise by raising or lowering the cutter deck between 12mm and 101mm.

While most ride-on lawnmowers rely on the air from their spinning blades to blow the grass through a chute and into a hopper, the Countax cut and collect system uses a clever brush system to sweep even wet cuttings into a collector. There’s no clogging and the action of the sweeper also removes dead grass and debris, helping to reduce thatch for a healthier lawn. In the autumn, the system can be used effectively to sweep up leaves as well. The grass collector is powered by the tractor’s engine and driven by the Power Take-Off (PTO) that is also used to drive a range of accessories and powered attachments, including a broadcast spreader for spreading rock salt on ice in the winter.

The most recent addition to the Countax range of accessories is the PGC+. Driven by the PTO it’s a cassette system that allows you to switch accessories and transform a Countax C or B Series garden tractor into a year-round workhorse. The grass sweeper cassette comes as standard with the PGC+ and there’s an optional scarifier cassette to make removing thatch and moss easier come early spring or autumn. Even better is the fact it scarifies and collects the debris simultaneously. They build Countax garden tractors tough and versatile to work all year, and you can enhance the enjoyment of your garden throughout the summer.

Countax garden tractor PGC+ Grass Sweeper cassette being installed

You can find out more by visiting your local Countax dealer.