Recommended feed and weed for large lawns

I have about 2 acres of lawn .Near the house I use a walk-behind mower , otherwise a set of gangs. I have decided to treat the whole area to a feed and weed , hopefully hiring a towed sprayer to cover the ground quickly. What would you recommend as a feed and weed product for such a large area or will I need to use separate products?

You can use a weed and feed product, which we have talked about in Gardener’s Journal, but consider the cost and benefits. Your two acres amounts to 8092sq metres. The coverage you would need even buying in bulk e.g. from The Grass People, a 20kg bag at £45 with a spread of 32gm per square metre could amount to rather a lot of money. That’s fine if you just want to get the job done or treat a particular area but if you want to take a leaf out of the professionals’ approach, they don’t use a combined product, preferring a programme of fertilising and separate weed treatment.

You could take a look at where you can see different programmes to suit your soil, type of grass etc. and if you wish you can buy product online through them, and use your spreader to apply it yourself. Another route would be to get a quote from a lawn treatment company such as Green Thumb. For smaller lawn areas we do use Evergreen 4 in 1 weed and feed twice a year, spreading by hand. Enjoy your lawn. The Editor. Gardener’s Journal.