Lawn Striping

A high quality striped lawn finish

Countax believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise the quality of the finish of your lawn for the speed and convenience of a ride-on lawnmower. Many British gardeners seek a striped finish for their main lawn.

Not only do stripes look smart, they can also give the illusion of a longer, greener lawn plus they provide the high quality finish that many customers desire.

Stripes are created by the contrasting shades of grass laid flat in one direction and then again in the opposite direction.

This effect can be difficult to accomplish with a conventional rotary ride-on mower. Often a separate pass with a heavy lawn roller or ‘striping kit’ is required and results can be mixed.

Countax garden tractor PGC plus roller for striping a lawn

A Countax tractor works in a different way to other machines. It leaves a striped finish every time thanks to a heavy roller mounted in the PGC or PGC+ unit which produces the quintessentially English striped lawn finish. The unique action of the sweeping brushes enhances the striping effect further. A Countax stripes a lawn every time with a single pass of the collector.

Lawn Striping