Superior Build Quality

A Countax is a heavy duty garden tractor built to a specification that sets it apart from even the best riding mower.

An all-steel construction, double-skinned bonnet, heavy-duty cast front axle (on C Series models) and a reinforced cutter deck are features usually reserved for commercial equipment.

When stood alongside other ride on mowers, it becomes clear that a Countax is built to a very high standard. The overall construction represents a philosophy to manufacture equipment that will have a very long working life, can be easily serviced and trimmed and adjusted by your dealer for optimum performance on your lawn.

Choice of materials

The first striking difference is in our use of materials. Where possible, high-grade steel is used in all elements of the tractor’s construction. A single-pressed, steel rear body sits on top of the fabricated chassis. Whereas many machines opt for plastic to save cost, 30 years’ experience has taught us that this is a false economy. The bonnet on a Countax tractor is rotationally moulded and double skinned. It is solid, heavy and built to last.

Countax lawn garden tractor riding mower pressed steel body

Fabricated construction

Wherever possible, Countax opts to fabricate components rather than simply stamping steel or using mass-produced injection moulded plastics. We believe in ‘nuts and bolts’ and the benefits that come from having interchangeable parts. It means that a Countax tractor can last years and years and will hold its value when you do eventually upgrade.

Countax lawn garden tractor riding mower noise reducing bonnet

Paint and finishes

We use the same paint pre-treatment process usually reserved for snow-clearing equipment. The paint is tested to withstand over 500 hours of continuous salt spray. We use plated fasteners just to ensure a high-level of durability and a long life.

Superior Build Quality