Why I bought a Countax garden tractor

Elton Mackey, from Ireland, was after a ride-on machine that was capable of much more than just cutting grass. He talks to Countax Life about why he decided on a Countax garden tractor over other machines on the market.

Why I bought a Countax garden tractor

When I was looking to buy a new garden tractor I choose Countax because I had lawns, orchards, and paddocks to maintain as well as other gardening shores. After going to view a fair few different makes/models I felt Countax was best suited to my needs and budget.

Countax garden tractor cutting tall grass

What I like about Countax

I choose a Countax because for me it’s easy to use, service, and to change the cutting decks from an IBS to the High Grass Mulching (HGM deck)- it will only take about 5 minuets. I liked the Countax because you can run different powered attachments such as a scarifier, fertiliser spreader, and of course a Powered Grass Collector (PGC). When the machine is used with the PGC, you get a fantastic finish on any lawn from a set of brushes, which pick up and throw the grass into the box, I particularly liked this idea because it meant I could cut and collect the grass even if it was wet without any blockages and the lawns are rolled every time by the roller under the sweeper which gives great lines.

I use the scarifier twice a year in the spring and again in the autumn to pull out any moss in the lawns- this is a fantastic piece of equipment. I also sometimes use the fertilizer spreader to fertilize the lawns but also to spread fertilizer on the paddocks. The rear attachments are very easy to get on and off, again it will only take you a few minutes.

For me the Countax is a workhorse, I find them to be very strong and powerful even when cutting tall grass with the (HGM) I’ve cut/topped paddocks with the grass been over the height of the bonnet with ease. They are fantastic on fuel, only using about a 1 litre an hour and when using green/red diesel it costs very little.

How they help achieve a great lawn finish

The Countax gives me a great lawn finish every time, especially when I use the Powered Grass Collector, I find it gives an even cut too.

How I love mowing the lawns with the Countax

I love mowing the lawns & paddocks with the Countax as for me it’s a joy to use, it starts every time first turn of the key and it never blocks when collecting the grass. I find it comfortable even when cutting on rough uneven ground and stable on slopes too.

Thanks Countax! I absolutely love my garden tractor, it’s my pride and joy and I wouldn’t be without it. I would definitely recommend one if you want to achieve more from your garden.

To find out more about Countax garden tractors click here or visit your local Countax dealer.