My Countax is part of the family

Daniel Chapman has been a fan of the Countax garden tractor ever since he turned the ignition and it started first time despite the machine being poorly maintained by a previous owner. Running a successful lawn and garden business, Dan uses his Countax to give his clients a superb lawn finish.

“I’ve owned my Countax mower for a little over a year now and I still enjoy using it now, as much as I did when I first got it. It is actually my second Countax. The first one I bought as a ‘project’, had been heavily abused by its previous owner. It was almost unrecognisable as a Countax but what I loved about it was the fact it still ran beautifully, everything still worked on it! I decided to  restore her to her former glory. I can actually still remember the first time I started the engine and it was all this combined that made me a fan of Countax!

Moving along a few years, I bought my  Countax A20-50, I’m always drawn to Countax because of the ‘bundle’ it offers . . from reliability to ease of use but then also the little things like the appearance of the machines! I struggle to find anything to offers as much as a Countax does in a single package.

My A20-50 is usually used every fortnight regardless if its sun or rain and I love how the usability and the performance doesn’t drop even in the wet. The deck till cuts without compromising the finish of the lawn and the collector still collects, getting a full bag each and every time.

I run my business using the best and most reliable machines that it needs, looking ahead in the future I cannot see myself moving away from my Countax mower. . .  It’s one of the family! . .  I’d recommend one everytime!”