Mr Osborne

A considerable number of years ago I purchased a second-hand Countax tractor mower, it has served me admirably over the years without fail, I have a lot of grass to mow where I live and it has always looked great after mowing. Earlier this year it finally became impossible to keep it running and the cutting deck had rusted badly.

I decided it was time I invested in a new machine but could find nothing on the market to compare with my Countax, no other machine coped with wet grass or gave the lovely striped finish which Countax does so well. In the end it had to be a new Countax and I purchased the C40. I am so pleased I did, it’s a brilliant machine and does everything I need.

I attach a photo of my old and new machines. I believe the old one is over 20 years of age. If my new C40 serves me as well as my previous machine (which I’ve no doubt it will) i will be one happy chap.