“My other car’s a Countax!”

Mr Carter, an avid user and fan of Countax, talks about his love for the British made garden tractor and why he says his “other car is a Countax”.

“I’ve been a fan of Countax tractors ever since I owned my first one twenty years ago! I’ve had a few models over the years as new additions were released because not only do they look good they also perform exceptionally well.

I think my admiration for garden tractors started as a young boy. I used to cut my parents grass using my dad’s ride-on lawnmower. It wasn’t until 2000 when my wife and children moved to a bigger property with an acre of lawn that I could finally own a ride-on mower. I recall viewing several different brands before the Countax caught my eye. It was definitely the most stylish mower I could find. I was drawn to the Ferrari red colour with the little yellow badge at the front. I did get quite excited, my family teased me that this lawn mower was my own little Ferrari. Not only did it look great, it was also a very good mower.

My first Countax was actually second hand and I’ve had three new Countax tractors since, all purchased through Country Mowers, my local dealer. I was drawn to the Countax because it didn’t look like a traditional tractor, it looked stylish and more exciting than other models I had seen.

Countax garden tractor leaves stripes
Countax garden leaves stripes

Not only was it attractive but also practical. We run our current tractor, the C80 with the PGC attachment fitted so it’s even more versatile. I love the fact that this machine can be used in all weather conditions even when it’s wet. We use the grass collector a lot. Not only for cutting and collecting grass clippings but also for picking up leaves, twigs and other debris from the large trees that surround the lawn. I like the fact it’s our multi-use garden vehicle, it really is a clearer-upper and a fine machine to cut grass with.

I use the mower twice a week on average, maybe more in the summer. Much to the amusement of my neighbours and my wife, I must have the striping effect on my lawn. As soon as the stripes start to fade I’m back out there either striping or making a patterned effect.

I come from a generation where I was on my fourth car before I had a drinks holder. To have a lawnmower that has a drinks holder, which I make good use of, is incredible. People who come around are usually quite amused that it does have a drinks holder -it certainly is a talking point.

My first Countax was the C800, I sold it for as much as I paid for it so they clearly hold their value which I remember impressed me back then. Twenty years on, I now have the latest C80 model, which is just fantastic. I do judge the machines by their looks as much as their performance. The tractor’s looks have got more stylish with each update; I love the sleek lines and that it looks less like a traditional tractor. I also can’t believe how quiet the machine is now when it’s in use. I don’t need to wear headphones.

The performance is great, I’ve never had any problems with any of my machines, they’ve been very reliable.
Why do I keep buying a Countax? It’s simple and comes down to the fact that I can stripe my lawn effortlessly. When I used to mow my parent’s lawn, it was a laborious process cutting the grass and then using a separate rolling machine to stripe. I don’t need to use multiple tools to create the quintessentially English striped lawn effect, the Countax with its PGC attachment does it for me.

As a busy professional and family man, I’m often away with work travelling and do employ outside help with the household. One thing I won’t give up or outsource is the gardening. Not only do I enjoy it and take immense pleasure from mowing and striping my lawn but also for minimum effort you get significant output. I usually spend an hour or so in the garden on the mower and I’m always pleasantly surprised at just how much I can achieve in such a short space of time. Not only am I making the garden look nice but I’m also clearing up at the same time. My day job is frenetic so when I’m spending time mowing my lawn and maintaining my garden I can relax and enjoy the downtime. It’s a pleasurable experience, especially when the sun is shining, there really is nothing better.

To conclude, I say that my other car is a Countax. It certainly takes pride of place in my garage, complete with cover on because it’s so cherished. I would highly recommend a Countax tractor to anyone wanting their garden to have the wow factor”.

To find out more about the C80 garden tractor click here or visit your local Countax dealer.