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Come rain or Shine

Danny Clegg, professional gardener from Leeds discusses his experiences of using his client’s C800 Countax garden tractor to achieve a neat lawn finish in both wet and dry weather conditions. His client purchased his Countax tractor in 2013 and it’s still going strong.

“We use our client’s Countax ride-on mower when maintaining his lawn and grounds. The garden is large, sloped and has several bushes and trees within it. We use the mower to both rear discharge and bag on the lawn. As you can see from the pictures, we cut grass in both wet and dry conditions and this is one of the key benefits to the Countax – you can cut in the wet!

We found that the mower handles the slopes and long, wet grass with ease and still leaves a great cut despite the grass being damp. The engine has plenty of power, the slopes in the garden are very steep and even on the wettest of days, it has no issues and will power through. The powered grass collector sweeps all the clippings to leave a clean lawn and cut.

On shorter grass areas we like to mulch the grass. The deck and blades handle this fine and we like to leave the striping finish that the Countax machines do so well. This is easy to do with the adjustable roller to the rear of the grass bag. Another key point to mention is that the deck adjuster is very light and easy to use, this is great when crossing hard standings, drives, paths and other hard surface areas. The deck can be lifted out of the way safely so it isn’t being scraped.

We find the mower to be very stable, comfortable and very fuel efficient. As professional gardeners who often cut grass for considerable periods of time, comfort and performance are critical. Being over 6ft tall, some lawn tractors can be a little tight and it can be hard to maintain a comfortable position. I’ve found the Countax to have enough space for myself and the seat can be moved easily for other users.

There are some great features on this machine which helps us when maintaining our client’s lawn. The digital rev counter helps us to monitor the engine revs especially in thicker grass – we have our PPE on so can’t hear the engine! The push button start and PTO blade switch are very simple to use and this comes in handy when having to jump off the mower to move branches.

For a larger mower (with grass bag attached) the turning circle is great, especially when moving around the bushes and trees in this garden. The fact that we can manoeuvre it to cut so close to the trees means very little strimming is needed, saving us considerable time and effort.

Overall, we really like using the Countax garden tractor and we know our client is also very happy with it. He purchased it several years ago but you would not think that from looking at the machine! Not only does it look fantastic, the hydrostatic drive is very simple to use making emptying the grass clippings very easy. The fact you can cut and collect in the wet and achieve the striping lawn effect makes this an overall, decent garden tractor that when maintained will last.

I’d happily recommend a Countax to anyone who enjoys making their garden look great”.

Visit your local Countax dealer to find out more.