Powered Broadcast Spreader

By using the power take-off on a Countax to drive a range of accessories, the tractor becomes an invaluable utility machine for use in the garden throughout the year.

During the winter months, the broadcast spreader can be used to spread salt and grit helping to keep paths and driveways ice-free.

This accessory fits the following garden tractors displayed below.
Powered Broadcast Spreader

C100 garden tractor

For larger lawns and gardens with thicker grass

A25-50HE garden tractor

A larger garden tractor for a larger garden

B65-4WD garden tractor

A Countax garden tractor with 4WD versatility

B255-4WD garden tractor

A powerful four-wheel drive garden tractor for larger gardens and grounds

C40 garden tractor

A high performance, single cylinder Countax tractor

C60 garden tractor

The 'stalwart' of the C Series garden tractor range